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How to Remove Burn Marks From a Plastic Sink

Plastic sinks are usually found in our bathroom or utility room. Ugly burn stains are really noticeable, especially in the bathroom. Every one has to wash their hands right? They would have to close their eyes not to see a burn mark. Burn marks on a plastic sink may come from a cigarette, a curling iron, a candleholder, or a hot clothing iron placed on the surface. However it got there, we want it out. It would be a deterrent to selling the home. Most of all, we want are bathroom to look nice. Maybe you can camouflage it, but can you get it out?

There are few resources about getting burn marks specifically out of plastic. There are a lot of methods to get burn marks out of carpet, furniture and flooring. Maybe those same techniques can work on the bathroom sink. Removing the burn mark successfully may depend on how deep the mark is.

Suggestions were found mostly from blogging sites where people try to get ideas from one another. One man had the same dilemma, a burn mark on the sink of a rental property. He had to get it out or risk losing some of his deposit. Someone suggested he try Bar Keepers’ or Zud. Bar Keeper is an abrasive white chalky substance like Ajax. It is used to keep sinks shiny. Zud according to a web site is “the mother of all heavy duty cleaners”. This is also an abrasive chalky substance. You rub either of these substances on to the stain until it comes off.

One man suggested using auto paste and a buffer. A woman on the blog swore by her Clean Magic Eraser.
A Clean Magic Eraser is a multipurpose household cleaner. Someone else suggested 409 cleaner, also a multipurpose cleaner. All these suggestions came from other homeowner’s.

Other blogger’s recommended baking soda, sanding it down, using a soft scrub brush, or dabbing the stain with your fingertips and matched color paint. The latter, would be the camouflage technique. Another method suggested was to gouge out the burn, fill it with epoxy, and cover with paint. Scouring powder with bleach might do the trick. You could also cover it up with some kind of design decal.

A Stain Removal Guide’s answer was to brush the burn with a stiff brush and then soak a small cloth in diluted Hydrogen Peroxide in cold water. Then you brush, dab and blot it. Alka-seltzer rubbed into the stain may take it out. Another trick would be to cover it with white nail polish to hide the stain.

A home improvement web site they said to mix baking soda and water and make a paste. Use the paste and a soft bristled brush or toothbrush and brush the stain away. Many of these techniques seem to use some kind of abrasive substance and rubbing the stain out. You can also call a hardware store to see if they have any ideas.

Burns on the sink in the bathroom sink are unsightly. They stand out in the room. There are some options you can try to get the stain out. First try one of the scouring powder techniques. That seems to be the suggestion most commonly given. Try an abrasive substance you already have at home like Ajax or baking soda and use an old toothbrush or hairbrush. That may be the easiest and cheapest technique of all. If you are not satisfied with these techniques, or none of them worked for you, you may choose to replace the sink. Perhaps you will discover a technique that works.

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